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We’re a bunch of people trapped in an office without windows (it’s not a sweatshop!). To avoid going insane we create relevant content.

Plop is a creative production company with more than 10 years of experience in the development of multiplatform content. Our products include successful animated shows for TV and the web, sketch web shows, hidden camera, and late shows, as well as entertainment, humor, politics and music websites. Our content has generated millions of followers in Latin America and the US. If you’re still reading, it means you’re interested. Welcome.

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Creative development

Our objective is simple: creating relevant content. That’s why we focus all our creative strength towards concept development. Be it an animated series, a TV show, a digital brand or a website, the goal is that the product is attractive, memorable, and, above all, that it generates a connection with its targeted audience


We have a team of gifted scriptwriters chained to their desks, with great sense of humor and a terrible addiction to YouTube videos of grandma’s street fights. They are highly motivated individuals who have a knack for developing entertaining stories that also inform, criticize and achieve millions of views so they can fill the voids of their aching existence.


Our team of producers, developers, designers and post-producers is ready to plan, execute and finalize projects within budget (yes!) and in the established time frames. We offer a wide variety of services, from the conceptual design, image, and graphic packaging, to recording and editing in different audiovisual formats with the highest standards of quality.


One plucky Venezuelan satirical site is emerging as a runaway success in Latin America as it repeatedly skewers Mr. Chávez and a host of other leaders.

Simon Romero – The New York Times

Their crude humor and thorough analysis show the great power that satire has as a weapon against authoritarian regimes.

Garry Kasparov General Secretary HRF

Did you see Isla Presidencial yesterday? … They paint me as dumb, I’m not so dumb; and they say I’m very fat, they call me the fat

Nicolas Maduro President of Venezuela

I love working at El Chigüire Bipolar… it would be great if somebody paid me a decent salary, though

Underpaid Intern


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